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Andrew Singer

Last night I learned (via tweet from my friend and former colleague Philip Borenstein) that Andrew Singer had passed away recently.

Andrew was one of the founders of THINK Technologies, and nearly thirty years after the fact, those are names recognized by very few. Andrew and his colleagues at THINK conceived and created (among other things) Macintosh Pascal, LightspeedC and Lightspeed Pascal (later rebranded as THINK C and THINK Pascal). I was privileged to work for him at the very beginning of my professional career.

The THINK products helped define the Mac software ecosystem in the 1980s, and I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that the THINK products, and Andrew’s influence, made the Mac software industry successful at a crucial time. There’s a great writeup here (thanks to Philip for the link) about Macintosh Pascal and THINK Pascal and their effect on how Mac software was developed.

I can say without exaggeration that were it not for Andrew’s decision to hire me, and to put me next to some of the brightest minds in existence, and to start me on the path of learning not only the proper craft of software engineering, but many other valuable professional and life lessons along the way, that I wouldn’t have followed the road that has brought me to where I am now; and that my life would be very different.

So if you use a Mac, thank Andrew Singer and the smart people he hired, and raise a glass to his memory.

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